BPTC Student Information

There are many activities which you can be involved while you are a student member of the Inn. For many of you, the focus will be obtaining your twelve qualifying sessions. Further information on qualifying sessions is available here. However, we recommend that you look at all the many other activities, such debating, mooting and the Mentoring Scheme, the Education Department organises. The Inn has much to offer which will assist you in the search for pupillage and the development of your skills and experience. We therefore advise you to make the most of all the activities available.  Information on these activities can be found on the pages listed to the left.


You can also keep up to date with the Inn's student activities via our Facebook Page

In December 2015 the Bar Standards Board published a report on BPTC Key statistics 2011-2014: An analysis of students over three academic years.  These statistics provide information about the profile and diversity of students embarking on the BPTC, what grades they achieved, and whether or not they were successful in obtaining pupillage after completing the course.  An analysis is set out of how students fared at each of the BPTC providers, and the differences between those studying full-time and part-time.

Introductory Events for new BPTC Students

This year there is a choice of two introductory events for London students and one for students studying outside of London. For further details on these events, please see Introductory Events for New BPTC Students

Useful Documents

If you have not already done so please provide us with confirmation of your undergraduate degree result.

If you have a disability you may wish to inform us so that we can endeavour to make provision for any requirements you have. Please complete and return the Disability Notification Form.