Student Dining

Students are required to attend 12 qualifying sessions before being Called to the Bar. Qualifying sessions include dining, lecture nights, residential weekends and advocacy workshops.  On this page you will find information about the types on dining occasions available, prices and how to book.  You will find further details on other qualifying sessions and dining customs on the menu to the left.

For further information, please contact:
Reception & Student Dining Manager, Lincoln's Inn, London WC2A 3TL.
Tel: 020 7405 1393 Fax: 020 7831 1839


Booking generally opens approximately three weeks prior to the commencement of each dining term for dining and non-dining sessions.  Please see the diary of events at the end of this handbook for the dates.

Qualifying sessions can be booked in three ways; online via the Inn’s website, in person at the Treasury Office or by post using a booking form.  No bookings are taken over the telephone. 

With the exception of local qualifying sessions for outside London students, all qualifying session tickets must be purchased through the Treasury Office.  Students are not allowed to sell their tickets to other students.

Confirmed dates for each term will be publicised via the online booking system during the previous term.

Booking Online

The Online Booking System can be accessed through the Inn’s website (Education > Qualifying Sessions).  If you wish to book online, please visit the online booking system to register and you will be emailed a password.  It is recommended that you change this to something more memorable when you login for the first time.  If you forget your password at any time please use the link on the online booking system login page to reset your password.

Payment is made using Sage Pay which accepts all major credit and debit cards.  Tickets can either be posted to your address or collected from the Treasury Office. 

Booking in person at the Treasury Office

Students who wish to book in person may book at the Treasury Office Monday to Friday 10.00 am - 12.30 pm and 1.00 pm - 3.30 pm.  When booking in person you may pay by cash, cheque or debit/credit card.  Debit, Switch, MasterCard, Access and Visa cards are accepted but NOT American Express or Diners. Cheques should be made payable to “Lincoln's Inn”.  Please note cheques which are not honoured and returned by the bank will carry a £5.00 administration charge.

Postal Booking

Booking forms for postal booking may be downloaded from the Inn’s website.  If you would like a booking form to be sent you by post please contact the Treasury Office. 

Completed booking forms must be sent back by post, together with the correct payment by cheque or postal order.  If the payment is incorrect places will not be reserved or confirmed until the correct payment is received.  Postal booking forms will not be accepted over the counter.  Students must complete the booking form in their own name.

Menus and dietary requirements

At all dining occasions there are vegetarian alternatives to any fish or meat courses and if you would like the alternative to either or both courses you must select the appropriate menu when booking. If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements you must indicate on the booking form or in the allergies section if booking online. The chefs will do their utmost to accommodate your requirements.

The Inn is not able to provide a Halal meal on request.  However, there is always a vegetarian option and we do serve Halal meat on a number of dining occasions throughout the year and these dates will be identified on the online booking system and the booking forms. 

Students that are only able to eat Kosher meals, should book their qualifying sessions in the usual way but must contact the Treasury Office to make the necessary arrangements for their meals once they have booked.

Booking deadlines and cancellation policy

Please note that all qualifying sessions will close at least five working days in advance of the event.

If you wish to cancel a booking for any qualifying session notice must be given to the Treasury Office five working days in advance of the event.  Failure to comply with the cancellation policy will mean that no refunds will be given.  Cancellations will be accepted by telephone on 020 7405 1393 or email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Registering your attendance

Students are required to complete all the registration processes at each event they attend to receive their qualifying sessions.  At all dining events, lecture nights and advocacy workshops students are required to sign a signature sheet at the end of the event to record their attendance. Your name plus your membership number must be given. The process for other qualifying sessions varies but members of the Inn’s staff or your Student Representatives will be on hand to help.

Failure to complete the relevant registration process will mean that the occasion will not be counted as a qualifying session.  It is not permitted to register on behalf of another student.  Any disregard for this rule will result in disciplinary action being taken.


Unless otherwise stated the dress code for all qualifying sessions is basically what you would be permitted to wear in Court.  Male students must wear a dark lounge suit, plain shirt and sober tie. Jackets must be worn at all times. Female students must wear a dark trouser or skirt suit with a plain shirt or a plain dark dress (sleeved or sleeveless dresses must be worn with a jacket). 

At dining all students must wear student gowns which are provided by the Inn on arrival at the South end of Hall. These must be returned to the appropriate place at the end of the meal.

Guests should be smartly dressed and gentleman guests are expected to wear jacket, shirt and tie. Guests do not wear gowns. Jeans or leggings are not permitted. Genuine dark-coloured ethnic dress is permitted.

What happens at dining?

As part of the Inn’s educational programme, talks are given in Hall before dinner on all ordinary dining nights (except on those nights when there is a debate in Hall after dinner). Speakers are for the most part practising members of the Judiciary and Bar, although from time to time invitations are extended to distinguished representatives from other walks of life.  Speakers are encouraged to talk about some area of their own particular field of experience or expertise and students find such talks give an interesting focus to the evening.  All students who are dining on these evenings must be present before the talk starts.  

Drinks before Dinner

There are drinks receptions for Benchers, barristers and students in the Crypt prior to Domus Nights and Sunday Lunch.  The Members’ Common Room (MCR) is open before and after dinner for the purchase of drinks.  

Times and lateness

For all qualifying sessions there is an arrival time, when the doors will open or registration takes place depending on the type of event, and a start time when the event will commence.  If you arrive at or after the start time you will not be credited with the qualifying session. 

Should you wish to appeal for an exceptional circumstances waiver for lateness you must email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible to provide an explanation for your lateness.  A decision will be taken as to whether the qualifying session will be awarded but please note that waivers for lateness are only granted in truly exceptional cases.

When you book on to an event you should consider it a professional commitment. Students who book on to an event and fail to show up without giving prior notice will need to explain themselves to the Education Department. If necessary, the student will be referred to a Bencher of the Inn and it may affect their eligibility to be Called to the Bar.





Ordinary & Domus Nights

6.15 pm

6.45 pm

9.00-9.30 pm

Sunday Lunch

12.15 pm

12.45 pm

2.30-3.00 pm

Lecture Night

5.45 pm

6.00 pm

7.45 pm

Education Day

3.00 pm

3.30 pm

7.30 pm

Advocacy Workshop in London

(outside London times vary)

5.45 pm

6.00 pm

8.30-9.00 pm

Residential Weekend

6.00 pm on Friday

6.30 pm on Friday

4.00 pm on Sunday

* The finish times are provided as a guide and may vary

In order to be credited with the qualifying session/s for any event you must stay until the end of the event.  For dining this means until after the second Grace has been said, except on nights when a debate is held in Hall after dinner when students must remain in Hall until the debate has finished.  For all other qualifying sessions a finish time will be specified. 

Qualifying Session Charges

Charges with effect from 1 September 2016:

Ordinary Night


Domus Nights


Sunday Lunch


Guests Sunday Lunch


Lecture Night


Advocacy Workshop


Education Day


Introductory Afternoon


Residential Weekend


Student members can bring one guest on two occasions at a reduced rate (a discount of £5.00 for each guest). Please note this discount does not apply for the Call Ceremony Reception.

Hardwicke Scholars are not charged for Ordinary Nights, Lecture Nights and Education Days but are required to pay £10.00 for dining on Sunday Lunch and Domus Nights. They are required to pay full price for the Introductory Afternoon and the Residential Weekends.