Prizes & Awards

1. Buchanan Prizes
Prizes of £100 each will be made to any student member of the Inn graded ‘Outstanding’ in the BPTC.

2. The Sir Louis Gluckstein Prizes
For advocacy in mooting.

3. Ede & Ravenscroft Wig and Gown Prize
A wig and gown may be awarded each year to a pupil member of the Inn.

4. Joan Denning Prize
A prize of £500 or any part of £500 to be awarded to any student from a Commonwealth country who obtains an 'outstanding' in the BPTC. Students must intend to practise in their own country.

5. Tun Azmi Foundation Book Prize
A book prize of £500 to be awarded annually to the Malaysian student who attains the highest marks in the BPTC.