Temporary Call to the Bar

Qualified foreign lawyers who wish to apply for temporary membership of the Inn on a specified case must obtain a Temporary Qualification Certificate from the Qualifications Committee of the Bar Standards Board (BSB). 

You will have to satisfy the BSB that you are a Qualified Foreign Lawyer who has for a period of at least three years regularly exercised full rights of audience in courts which administer law substantially similar to the common law of England and Wales. 

As each case is slightly different, please contact June Gascoine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to discuss your application.

You are also advised to read the Qualifications Committee's note:

Transferring Qualified Lawyers Panel 

You can download a form to obtain your Temporary Qualification Certificate at the following link:

Temporary Call Application 

The BSB's forms can also be found, along with much other important information about practice at the bar of England and Wales, at their website.


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