Photocopying Services

The Library is happy to supply photocopies by post, fax or e-mail to barristers with chambers outside the Inns, provided that copyright is not infringed.

The per page charge is 20p by post or e-mail. There is a handling charge of £6 for the first item, and then £3.00 for each additional item requested at the same time. VAT is also payable. An invoice will be sent by post when the copies have been supplied.

Unless the copies are required for the purposes of judicial proceedings, copyright material can only be supplied after a statutory declaration form has been completed and returned to the Library. There are also limits to the extent of copyright material that can be copied.

Click here to download a Copyright Declaration Form (Word 7.0 document).

Signed declaration forms should be returned as a scanned email attachment (or by fax or post).

Requests for material for the purposes of judicial proceedings (clearly stating so) may be made by e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), as well as phone or fax.

The other Inn libraries operate similar distance-services and will supply material to Lincoln's Inn barristers outside London if not held here.

The Library can also obtain photocopies from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies including copyright-cleared copies where for copyright reasons we are unable to supply.  The Standard Service is £21.80 + VAT per item copyright-cleared (less 10% for judicial proceedings and non-commercial purposes): items ordered before 12 noon will be dispatched later the same day.  The Express Service is available at £43.60 + VAT per item (and 10% discount as above) for dispatch in under 60 minutes.  Make requests to the Library not direct to the IALS.


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