The Inn has a substantial membership who live and practise overseas. In the past few years the Inn has supported the formation of alumni associations in a number of jurisdictions. From time to time new associations are added.


The aim of the associations is that members might meet perhaps twice a year for dinner and mutually benefit from meeting one another. If the idea finds favour in a particular jurisdiction the Inn will endeavour to ask local members to suggest a President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary so that the association could in effect run itself. The Treasurer and the Under Treasurer, plus other interested members might visit a particular jurisdiction once every four to five years or so. It might also provide a focus for visitor members of the Inn to a particular jurisdiction and encourage links between members of neighbouring Bars.


The President of the alumni association should be a widely respected senior member of the Inn; generally a member of the judiciary in the jurisdiction.  He or she should be assisted by a Chairman, who also should be widely respected and well known within the jurisdiction. It is the Chairman who will direct the alumni association in its routine business. As a minimum the Chairman will need the assistance of a Treasurer and a Secretary. These will normally be found from more junior members of the Bar within the jurisdiction. From this base the management committee can grow.

Most important is that the alumni association should be apolitical.  It would be entirely against the egalitarian spirit of the Inn if the alumni came to represent one faction or another within a particular jurisdiction. The Inn reserves the right to prevent its name being used by an association if it were deemed to be contrary to the Inn’s ethos.

Current Alumni

Alumni associations are established currently in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Ghana the Eastern Caribbean and Mauritius


Events could be held at a suitable local venue. On the occasion of a visit by the Treasurer of the Inn, Lincoln’s Inn would, at least in part, sponsor the event. The Treasurer would address members following the dinner on what is happening in the Inn and bring everyone up to date, should that be desired. To arrange such visits there would have to be significant support locally.


The Inn currently produces an Annual Review each year, which is distributed free of charge to members worldwide. If you are a member of the Inn and have not received the Annual Review it is likely to be because we have an out of date record of your address. Should you wish to receive the Annual Review please complete a Contact Details form. Your address or email address is never communicated to third parties without your permission.