Members' Dining

Dining during the Development Works


During the 2016-2018 Development Works, Lunch will be served in the Old Hall, from 12:30 pm to 2:15 pm, Monday to Friday.  There are several inexpensive dishes on the menu, including a vegetarian dish, each day.  The prices shown include bread and butter and coffee.  The Daily Menu is uploaded on the website each day.  

Payment for lunch is by cash or credit card at the till on leaving.  There are no account facilities available at lunchtime.

The Members' Common Room is located in the Old Court Room during the refurbishment period.  Please click here for further details.

Dress: Respectable casual clothes may be worn.  However, this does not include shorts, tee shirts or sleeveless vests, torn or patched jeans.  Headgear is only permitted for medical or religious reasons.


Dinner is served on selected nights during term time and will take place in the Old Hall for the duration of the development works.  The dates are set out in the Event Calendar, together with any special dress requirements or timings.

Attendance at dinner is by booking only.  Please contact the Booking Secretary on 020 7693 5138 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (called members only - students please go to Student Dining or email the Dining Officer).

Further information on booking, dining customs, charges and menus for barristers' dining is available from the menu buttons on the left of your screen.  

Dining Term Dinners

We have tried to follow the traditional format of the dinners as closely as possible, but some changes have been necessary due to restrictions on space. The full arrangements for the evening for Barristers, Benchers and Students are set out below.


There will be a limit of 12 places on the Barristers’ table and it will only be possible to bring a guest if there are still spaces available 5 working days before the dinner. Any available guest places will be limited to one per barrister on a first-come, first-served basis. It will not be possible for sponsors to bring spondees to dine on the bar table unless there are still places available 5 working days before the dinner.

Places at Sunday lunches during dining term (Student Family Guest Lunches) will be limited to 30 in total for Benchers and barristers.  It will only be possible to bring one guest to lunch, unless there are still places available 3 working days before the lunch.


Student places will be limited to 88 on ordinary dining nights and 100 on lecture nights. On Domus nights student places will be limited to 90.

Places at the Student Family Guest lunch will be limited to 88, with students allowed to bring one guest each.

Students will only be able to dine with their sponsors on Domus nights.

Programme for dining nights

6.15pm:Students arrive for a reception in the Crypt

6.30pm:Benchers and barristers arrive for a reception in the Crypt

Benchers, barristers and students will all use the main cloakroom to the left of the crypt entrance for coats. There will be a separate area in the crypt for bags.

There will be separate rails for student gowns and barrister gowns in the crypt. Bench gowns will be set out on a table in the crypt.

6.40pm:First call for students to go to Hall

6.45pm:Last Call for students & Call for barristers to Hall

6.50pm:Benchers gather in reverse order of seniority in Crypt

7.00pm:Benchers line up at the bottom of the stairs to enter Hall. They will be announced as they reach the side of the Bench table

Once benchers are seated, hall will be invited to be seated & the Treasurer announced again, who will then introduce the speaker


7.20pm:Dinner served

9.00pm:Dinner ends. Hall is invited to stand for second grace. The Bar retire to the Crypt first then students will be called up sprig by sprig. 

9.05pm:Coffee, Port & Petits Fours served in Crypt for bar & any students who wish to remain. Students are permitted to leave and signing sheets will be available in the crypt for students

9.05pm:Benchers remain in Hall for the Loyal Toast, Dessert & Coffee, Port & Sauternes

Programme for Student Family Guest Lunches

12.30pm:Students arrive, reception in Crypt. Cloakroom & gowns available

12.30pm:Bench & bar arrive in Crypt

12.45pm:First call for students & guests to go into hall

12.50pm:Last call for students & guests to go into hall

1.00pm:Butler sounds gavel and Bench, Bar & Guests enter hall

The Treasurer is announced once everyone is seated, who will then introduce the speaker. There will be a talk in Hall for 10 – 15 minutes

1.15pm:Grace, then lunch is served

2.45pm:Lunch ends.  Hall is invited to stand for second grace by the Preacher. Port is served and the Loyal Toast is made (everyone remains seated).

All remain in hall and coffee is served to everyone. 

The Treasurer will announce that students are free to leave after signing the attendance sheets in hall at table.

Programme for Lecture Nights

5.30pm:Cloakroom opens in Crypt

6.00–7.15pm:Lecture in the Old Hall 

7.15– 7.45pm:Reception in Crypt, signing sheets available

7.45pm:Event Finishes

PLEASE NOTE: Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings within Lincoln’s Inn or in the doorways to these buildings. The use of mobile telephones either for calls or texts is also not permitted during lunch or dinner in Hall.


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