Bookings are currently via the Booking Secretary, either by telephone on 020 7693 5138 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  giving a minimum of 48 hrs notice. Requests to dine less than 48 hrs before the dinner can only be accommodated if there has been a cancellation.

Dietary Requirements

Members are asked to inform the Booking Secretary of any special dietary requirements either for themselves or their guests a minimum of 48 hrs before the dinner. The dining term menus will be available on the website and by email on request 2 weeks before dining term begins. Members should inform the Booking Secretary of their requirements on each occasion they book to dine.


Called members are normally sent a bill for their dinners in the first week of the month after they dine. On certain occasions they may be requested to pay for dinners in advance and will be advised of this at the time of booking. 


Members are asked to give at least 48 hours notice (unless otherwise stated) if they wish to cancel a booking. Members who fail to attend a dinner they have booked will be charged the full price for each place booked. 

Hardwicke Award

A Hardwicke Scholar is entitled to dine on the Bar Table free of charge on six nights in the year immediately following Call to the Bar (ordinary nights, Sunday lunch, domus dinners and university dinners).

The award can also be used towards the cost of more expensive dinners, such as Black Tie Guest Nights or Grand Day, with the member paying the balance. The award cannot be used against dinners that occur outside of the dining term. All guests are charged at the normal guest rate.

Specially Qualified Applicants (SQAs)

Specially Qualified Applicants are granted permission to complete their qualifying sessions after call and must complete six such sessions (of which Call Night dinner counts as one) within three years of being called. Booking is as for other barrister members, but SQAs should inform the Booking Secretary of their status at the time of booking so that the dinners can be recorded and Education staff notified. SQAs dine with other barristers (details of the seating arrangements for each dinner are given below) and are not required to sign the student attendance sheets that are circulated on the student tables.