Estate Management

The Estates department of Lincoln’s Inn is directly responsible for the maintenance and letting of the estate, which comprises approximately 363,000 sq. ft of accommodation. The estate is divided between the Inn’s collegiate buildings and four main groups of chambers buildings, which provide the primary income generating area of the Inn.

The collegiate buildings comprise the Great Hall complex, including the Library, Old Hall and Chapel, which together total about 43,000 sq. ft.  The four groups of chambers buildings (in order of age) are Old Buildings, New Square, Stone Buildings and Old Square which have a total area of over 320,000 sq. ft.  Together these buildings generate an income of over £12m and contain commercial accommodation, occupied principally by barristers and solicitors, together with 65 residential flats.

The size and age of the estate demands an ongoing maintenance and refurbishment programme, managed by the Building Services division. This programme, which is undertaken in consultation with English Heritage and the London Borough of Camden, constantly balances the demands of significant historic buildings with the requirements of tenants who require modern office accommodation - a balance which the estate has achieved for over 600 years!

The department aims to provide London’s premier barristers’ accommodation encompassing a prime location, tranquil environment and high standard of accommodation and service.