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Dealing with Vicarious Trauma: Developing Self-Awareness and Resilience

The video from the webinar ‘Dealing with Vicarious Trauma: Developing Self-Awareness and Resilience’, encouraging barristers to develop self-awareness around good mental health, self-care and well-being.

This webinar will help barristers to recognise and cope with the symptoms of vicarious trauma while building resilience and helping them to focus on the importance of self-care.

Areas covered:

  • Mental health & well being
  • The mind & the legal personality
  • Vicarious trauma: an overview
  • Symptoms & how to cope
  • Resilience
  • Self-Awareness & self-care
  • Mindfulness what it is/isn’t & an invitation to try it
  • Resources & an intro to LawCare

The event is run by Mary Jackson, a qualified BACP Therapeutic Counsellor and Lawcare Coordinator since 2008.

LawCare is a charity that promotes and supports good mental health and well-being across the legal community.