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Filming & Photography

Owing to its varied architecture, beautiful gardens, spacious squares, historic halls and panelled rooms, Lincoln’s Inn has long been used by film production companies as a location, and by television companies for interviews as well as drama productions with either a legal theme or a period setting.


Permission to film or photograph anywhere on the estate is always required.

The estate of Lincoln’s Inn is in the midst of works to the Treasury Office building. We are considering requests on a case by case basis and will accommodate them only where feasible.

How to apply for permission

To apply for permission to film or photograph at Lincoln’s Inn, or to arrange a visit, please complete the enquiry form below with details of your request.

Please provide advanced notice of at least one month prior to your intended filming date.

Our Code of Practice for filming is also available as a download from this page.

How much does it cost?

Our most common daily and hourly rates can be found below. A day starts at 8 am and needs to end at 10 pm at the latest.

Please note there is a minimum fee of £1,000+VAT per day for any filming or photography request.

Per Day

Per Hour

Fee or Exterior

£9,500 (+VAT)

£950 (+VAT)


Room dependent

Room dependent

Still Photography

£3,000 (+VAT)

£300 (+VAT)

Extras (e.g. Green Room)

Project dependent

Project dependent

Lincoln's Inn or Lincoln's Inn Fields?

map showing both Lincoln's Inn and Lincoln's Inn Fields

Lincoln’s Inn Fields’ is the park (owned by Camden Council) that is just outside the estate (buildings and squares) of  ‘Lincoln’s Inn’ (owned by its members).

If you are thinking of a photo shoot or filming within ‘Lincoln’s Inn‘, then we look forward to hearing from you- please see ‘How to apply for permission’.

Filming Enquiry Form

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