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Total amount available to be allocated: up to £1,656,000

All of Lincoln’s Inn’s Bar Course Scholarships are awarded on merit. The value of each award is calculated through a means test based on the applicants’ disclosed financial resources and obligations.

Top Scholarship:

Lord Mansfield

Major Scholarships:

Lord Denning; Marchant; Tancred

Minor Scholarships:

Cassel; Droop; Kennedy; Mary MacMurray; Sir Thomas More

The Lord Mansfield is our most prestigious scholarship and the Inn offers up to ten of these awards.

Our Major Scholarships are our next most prestigious awards. The Lord Denning, Marchant and Tancred Scholarships are all offered as Major Scholarships. The Tancred scholarships are awarded by the Inn but the money for these awards is provided by the Tancred Foundation.

All Minor Scholarships awarded by Lincoln’s Inn are offered at the same level.

The value of each award is calculated through a means test based on the applicants’ disclosed financial resources and obligations. Successful scholars will be asked to provide their financial information and the value of their award will be calculated by a means test.

Scholars awarded from 2018 will also benefit from reduced qualifying session fees (for 10 Qualifying Sessions) as well as free admission to the Inn and no Call to the Bar fee.

If you have any questions about the scholarships at Lincoln’s Inn, please visit our FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact the Scholarships Coordinator, Aisha Modeste-Simon below.

BPTC/Bar Course Scholarship Statistics

Our recent scholarship statistics are as follows:




No. Applications




No. Interviewed




No. Awarded




Previous Maximum Awards

Though Lincoln’s Inn scholarships are awarded on merit, the financial value of all awards are means tested. Only those who are in the most financial need will receive the maximum each year. The most recent maximum financial values awarded are as follows:




Maximum Award




How to apply

In order to apply for a Bar Course Scholarship, students will need to submit an online application through the Inn’s Scholarships Application Portal.

Candidates will need to submit two references with their application, one of which must be an academic reference (unless you graduated from your most recent course over 5 years ago). Guidance notes for referees can be downloaded here.

Lincoln’s Inn does not interview all applicants. Candidates will be shortlisted and those who are offered an interview will be notified in January.

Interviews take place in February/March. Interviews are held in London, Birmingham and Manchester and applicants can indicate their preferred interview location on their application form. In some instances it is possible to be interviewed remotely if necessary, you can download our remote interviewing policy on this page.

The value of each award is calculated through a means test, if you are successful at interview you will be required to submit your relevant financial information which is reviewed by a panel separate to the interviews.

When to apply

The application open and close dates can be found below.

This round of applications is for anybody intending to start the Bar Course between September 2024 and July 2025.

Applications open:

September 2024

Application Deadline:

Friday 1st November 2024

Application Criteria

All Bar Course Scholarships are awarded on merit. Applicants will need to satisfy the following criteria in order to receive a scholarship:

Introduced for 2022:

  1. Intellect
    The level of intellect evidenced by an assessment of the candidate’s potential for analytical and critical thinking, judgment, perceptiveness and problem-solving, as well as their academic results (including a realistic assessment of degree level in the case of candidates still studying for one)
  2. Motivation
    The degree of motivation for a career at the Bar evidenced by the candidate’s investigation of the profession and development of associated skills and experience, leading to a realistic ambition towards practice at the Bar and any identified areas of practice
  3. Personal characteristics
    Personal characteristics such as reliability in all its forms, including independence of mind and honesty; leadership; teamwork; and (if appropriate) the ability to overcome adversity
  4. Communication
    Oral and written persuasiveness, including listening skills, reaction to an audience, and attention to detail

General conditions for Bar Course Scholarships:

Applicants can only apply to one Inn of Court for a scholarship.

Scholarships are only awarded to those who intend to practise at the Bar of England and Wales

Bar Course Year Accommodation

The Inn has a number of student flats available for Bar Course Scholars studying in London. Student Accommodation is only offered as part of a scholarship and cannot be applied for separately. The rent for the accommodation is taken directly from your scholarship award.


The Inn offers a number of prizes to students who complete the Bar Course.

Buchanan Prizes
Prizes of £100 each will be made to any student member of the Inn who scores 85 or over in the Bar Course.

Ede & Ravenscroft Wig and Gown Prize
A wig and gown is awarded to the student who obtains the highest mark on the Bar Course.

Joan Denning Prize
A prize of £1,000 to be awarded to the top scoring Bar Course student from a Commonwealth country. Students must intend to practise in their own country.

Tun Azmi Foundation Book Prize
Two prizes of £750 to be awarded annually to the Malaysian student who attains the highest marks in the Bar Course.

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Bar Course Scholarship Application Form

Students can apply for a Bar Course scholarship through the Inn's Scholarship Application Portal


Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions about our scholarships.