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Call to the Bar

When student members have successfully completed the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) and a minimum of eleven qualifying sessions they may be called to the Bar. The Call Day consists of a formal ceremony followed by a champagne reception.

Every student who is being called to the Bar must attend the reception on their Call Day and will then receive their final qualifying session. Any student who does not comply with this requirement may have their call revoked. The only exception to this rule is for those who are being Called in their absence (in absentia).


When student members have successfully completed the Bar Professional Training Course and eleven qualifying sessions they can be called to the Bar. It may be necessary for some students to be interviewed by a Bencher of the Inn before they are eligible to be called to the Bar. Students who regularly fail to attend booked qualifying sessions without good cause or behave inappropriately during their time as a student member will need to attend an interview to ensure their suitability to be called as a barrister.

Call in Absentia

Call in absentia is only granted to international students or to UK students in very exceptional circumstances. To be called in absentia you must have completed twelve qualifying sessions prior to your call. If you are an international student and believe you may need to be called in absence you should ensure you have completed twelve qualifying sessions before you leave the UK at the end of your BPTC.  The fee for Call in absentia is £50. Call in absentia is only granted in exceptional circumstances and must be requested by contacting our Registrar, Andrew Smith.

It has come to our attention over the last couple of years that non-European Union (EU) students are having greater difficulty in obtaining visas to come over to complete their qualifying sessions and attend their Call Day. We would, therefore, strongly recommend that if you reside outside of the EU and are likely to return home before call that you complete your twelve qualifying sessions before leaving.

Call Day Dates & Fee

The Call Day fee is £100 but is not payable until your BPTC results have been released.

Hilary 2020

Wednesday 11 March and Thursday 12 March


Call registration is undertaken via Eventbrite and students can start the process once registration opens. Details on Call from July 2020 onwards will be published to this page in due course.

Call Documentation

Once you have registered you will need to submit a call declaration and two letters of recommendation to secure your place. There will be a time frame within which you must have submitted all of these documents and if you do not meet the deadline, your registration will be cancelled and your place reallocated. You will receive a confirmation email when you have registered which will provide further information on these requirements.

There is more than one ceremony held on different dates for most of the Call Days. You cannot choose which ceremony you attend; it will be allocated by the Inn and is determined by admission date. Please make sure you and any guests you wish to bring are available for all of the dates specified for the term you choose. Once you have provided your declaration and letters you will receive an acknowledgement email and will be advised as to when you will receive confirmation of the date you have been allocated and when you can pay the fee and for guest tickets.

BPTC Results

The Inn will receive your results directly from your BPTC Provider in July and November. Those resitting their examinations or taking first sit examinations in August will be able to be called to the Bar in November at the earliest.  Should a student fail any of their exams after registering for call, their application will be withdrawn. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the Inn if they wish to be entered for a future call.