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Document Supply

The Library is able to supply photocopies by post or e-mail to barristers provided that copyright is not infringed.

You can request legal materials for the purpose of Judicial proceedings or Private study.

We can supply the following material for non-commercial research or private study:

  • one article in any one issue of a periodical, or
  • a reasonable proportion of any other published work

When making a request please include as much detail about the document as possible, such as a title, author, page number, citation, party name, etc. If you’re struggling to locate cases, legislation or journal articles, we’re happy to find them for you or direct you to an alternative source.

1. Copies for judicial proceedings

Requests for material for the purposes of judicial proceedings may be made by e-mail or phone.
Please provide full details of the item(s) you require and confirm that the copying is required for judicial proceedings.

2. Copies for non-commercial research or private study

Please email requests for material for non-commercial research to the Library with details of your request, including your name, the material you require and the following declaration:

I declare that –
(a) I have not previously been supplied with a copy of the same material by any library;
(b) I require the copy for the purposes of research for a non-commercial purpose or private study, will use it only for those purposes and will not supply the copy to any other person; and
(c) to the best of my knowledge no other person with whom I work or study has made or intends to make, at or about the same time as this request, a request for substantially the same material for substantially the same purpose.

I understand that if the above declaration is false in a material particular, the copy supplied to me by you, if and insofar as it would have been an infringing copy if made by me, will be treated as an infringing copy for all purposes and that I shall be liable for infringement of copyright as if I had made the copy myself.


The per page charge is 20p by post or e-mail. There is a handling charge of £6 for the first item, and then £3.00 for each additional item requested at the same time. VAT is also payable. An invoice will be sent when the copies have been supplied.

We can also obtain photocopies of specific items from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies on behalf of barristers whose chambers are not subscribers to IALS services. Please contact us below if you require this service.