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Document Supply

The Library is able to supply photocopies by post or email to barristers provided that copyright is not infringed.

We can supply copies of material for the following purposes as these are specifically permitted under the copyright legislation:

·         Judicial proceedings

·         Non-commercial research or private study.

We can also supply copies of material which is out of copyright (as a rule of thumb, this is material which was published more than 125 years ago) and material which is governed by Crown copyright.

The Library also has a licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency which allows us to provide copies of printed material for other purposes on payment of a fee.

If you are unsure which category your request falls under, please refer to our FAQs page.

Please complete the relevant form below. Please include as much detail about the document as possible, such as a title, author, page number, citation, party name, etc. If you’re struggling to locate cases, legislation or journal articles, we’re happy to find them for you or direct you to an alternative source.


The per page charge is 20p by post or e-mail for material required for judicial proceedings or non-commercial research. There is a handling charge of £6 for the first item, and then £3 for each additional item requested at the same time. VAT is also payable. An invoice will be sent when the copies have been supplied.

We can also obtain photocopies of specific items from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies on behalf of barristers whose chambers are not subscribers to IALS services. Please contact us below if you require this service.

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