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Library Training

The Library provides a programme of training courses on legal resources and research throughout the year, outlined below. If you have other requests for training courses, please contact us using the details below.


The Library provides a short refresher training course offering practical tips to improve your legal research skills. We provide this as a one-to-one training session at a time to suit your convenience.
The course covers:

  • Choosing the right resource for your research
  • Quick tips for database searching
  • In-depth examples for case law research
  • Tips and caveats for legislation research

In addition, we can provide training on individual databases or research topics. To book a session, please contact the Library below.


The Library offers a series of three training courses for pupils entitled “Smarter Legal Research”

The first session is on Top Research Tips and covers:

  • The mistakes everyone makes – and how to avoid them
  • Sources people forget
  • Getting the best from the web
  • Top tricks for databases
  • Future-proofing your research

The next session covers Case law and Legislation and covers:

  • Choosing the best sources & navigating the databases
  • Understand what cases to use & how to find these
  • Link case law to legislation
  • Current and historic legislation

The final course is on EU legal research and covers:

  • Sources to EU legislation
  • Tracking amendments to legislation
  • Understand the implementation
  • Proposed legislation
  • Find EU case law

The courses will be advertised in the members’ newsletter, direct to pupils and via the Library website and social media in the autumn. For more information please contact us below.

In addition we can provide training on individual databases or research topics throughout the year.


In the autumn, the Library offers legal research training for BPTC students.
The training covers:

  • Introduction to the Library
  • Good research techniques
  • Secondary and primary sources
  • Case law
  • Legislation

The course is delivered through the Education Department and counts as a qualifying session. Please email us for more information.

In addition we can provide training on individual databases or research topics throughout the year.  Students are also welcome to attend the pupils’ research training sessions.


The Library conducts training courses on using the Library to clerks. There is an introductory session and an advanced session available which will each last approximately 1 hour and will cover:

Introductory course:

  • Basics of using the Library
  • Simple finding aids
  • Explanation of terms
  • Overview of online resources

Advanced course:

  • Electronic and print case and legislation sources
  • EU and international materials
  • Historic materials

These courses are available throughout the year. To make a booking, please contact us below.