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Clubs & Competitions

Student members have the opportunity to participate in our Mooting and Debating Workshops, along with various student competitions.

Mooting & Debating Clubs

All student members of the Inn are encouraged to get involved in our Mooting and Debating Clubs. They provide excellent experience for pupillage interviews and future appearances in court, as well as networking opportunities with members of Hall. Both clubs also take part in various internal and external competitions. Competition selections are usually held during club meetings unless otherwise advertised. Most competitions are limited to those currently studying for the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) or BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course) but members who are pre/post-BPTC are still very welcome to attend the club meetings. If you are a Lincoln’s Inn student member and would like to join either mailing list please contact the Debating Club or Mooting Club.

Students can claim two qualifying sessions if they attend a total of four club meetings throughout the year (either through Mooting, Debating or a combination of both). Club meetings are free to attend, however students will be required to pay £20 to receive their two qualifying sessions. Payment will be organised at the end of each term following the last club meeting that term and eligible students will be informed via email regarding payment information. There is no obligation for students to claim for qualifying sessions if they do not wish to, and they are still very welcome to attend club meetings.

Mooting Club

Debating Club

Monday 4th February

Monday 21st January

Tuesday 19th February

Wednesday 13th February

Tuesday 5th March

Thursday 28th February

Thursday 28th March

Tuesday 19th March

Student Competitions

The Inn runs five annual competitions for Lincoln’s Inn student members. Participation in these competitions has proven fantastic experience for future barristers and excellent CV material.

Crowther Shield Public Speaking Competition

This competition gives students the opportunity to present a plea in mitigation on behalf of an historical or fictional character under timed conditions. Previous cases used include Guy Fawkes (conspiracy to cause an explosion), Lady Macbeth (soliciting a murder) and Goldilocks (burglary and criminal damage).

Inter-Provider Mooting Competition

This competition is to find the best Mooting team from each of the BPTC providers. Preliminary selection rounds will be held for Lincoln’s Inn students at the BPTC Providers, using a speed-mooting system. The two highest scoring students will go through to represent their Provider in the final rounds, when the teams compete against each other to decide the winning team.

Debating Shield

This is an internal debating competition to find the best debating team in the Inn. Team selection will be held at the final Debating Club meeting of the year. Participants must have been selected at this Debating Club Workshop in order to progress to the final. The motion will be announced on the day and the final follow the format of a “British Parliamentary Debate”.

Gluckstein Advocacy Prize

This is a competition to award the Sir Louis Gluckstein Prize for the best advocate at the Inn. It is open to current BPTC students and those up to one year Call. Competitors are asked to prepare two exercises, a mixture of criminal, civil and family, and will be allocated randomly. The competition will consist of an initial round from which the judges will select up to eight participants to compete in the final. All rounds will be held on the same Saturday.

Internal Mooting Competition

This competition is in the format of a moot court. It consists of three rounds, spread across the academic year. Prospective participants must submit a skeleton argument, and if selected, attend each subsequent round to which they progress. These will be held during mooting club meetings throughout the year. The competition was first designed and run, in its current form, in the 2016–2017 academic year.

The factual scenario for each round involves making an appeal on two separate grounds, either in the Court of Appeal or in the Supreme Court. There are two sides in each appeal: Appellant and Respondent. Each side is represented by a Senior and a Junior Counsel. Thus, each participant deals with one ground of appeal, making submissions under it. The Competition Handbook for last year can be downloaded from the right-hand side of this page.

Competition Dates & Entry

Selection Process


Crowther Shield Public Speaking Competition

The ballot has now closed.

Wednesday 16 January.

Inter-Provider Mooting Competition

London Providers – Thursday 13 December.
Outside of London Providers – selection arranged by Student Representatives.

Saturday 9 March.

Debating Shield

Selection will take place at the final Debating Club Workshop on Tuesday 19 March.

Date to be announced.

Sir Louis Gluckstein Advocacy Prize

The ballot for selection will open in Hilary Term.

Date to be announced.

Internal Mooting Competition

Round 1 – Tuesday 11 December
Round 2 – Monday 4 February

Round 3 – To be announced.