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Clubs & Competitions

Student members have the opportunity to participate in our Mooting and Debating Workshops, along with various student competitions.

Mooting & Debating Clubs

All student members of the Inn are encouraged to get involved in our Mooting and Debating Clubs. They provide excellent experience for pupillage interviews and future appearances in court, as well as networking opportunities with members of Hall. Both clubs also take part in various internal and external competitions. Competition selections are usually held during club meetings unless otherwise advertised. Most competitions are limited to those currently studying for the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) or Bar Practice Course but members who are pre/post-bar course are still very welcome to attend the club meetings. If you are a Lincoln’s Inn student member and would like to join either mailing list for the 2021/22 academic year please email the Debating Secretaries or the Mooting Secretaries.

Debating Club

Mooting Club 

Thursday 6 October

Monday 3 October

Wednesday 2 November

Tuesday 18 October

Wednesday 23 November

Thursday 17 November

Wednesday 30 November

Monday 28 November

Picture showing the Lincoln's Inn Debating Shield and Crowther Shield.

Student Competitions

The Inn runs five annual competitions for Lincoln’s Inn student members. Participation in these competitions has proven fantastic experience for future barristers and excellent CV material. Please note, participation at Inn competitions, will not count towards any qualifying sessions.

Crowther Shield Public Speaking Competition

This competition gives students the opportunity to present a plea in mitigation on behalf of an historical or fictional character under timed conditions. Previous cases used include Guy Fawkes (conspiracy to cause an explosion), Lady Macbeth (soliciting a murder) and Goldilocks (burglary and criminal damage).

The winner for 2021/22 is Dr Nikhil Krishnan.

Inter-Provider Mooting Competition

This competition is to find the best mooting team from each of the Bar Course providers. Preliminary selection rounds will be held for Lincoln’s Inn students at the BPTC Providers, using a speed-mooting system. The two highest scoring students will go through to represent their Provider in the final rounds, when the teams compete against each other to decide the winning team.

The winners for 2021/22 are Paul Hyland and Adnan Khaliq.

Debating Shield

This is an internal debating competition to find the best debating team in the Inn. Team selection will be held at the final Debating Club meeting of the year. Participants must have been selected at this Debating Club Workshop in order to progress to the final. The motion will be announced on the day and the final follow the format of a “British Parliamentary Debate”.

The winners for 2021/22 are Armin Amirsolimani and Adnan Khaliq.

Gluckstein Advocacy Prize

This is a competition to award the Sir Louis Gluckstein Prize for the best junior advocate at the Inn. It is open to current Bar Course students and those up to one year Call. Competitors are asked to prepare two exercises, a mixture of criminal, civil and family, and will be allocated randomly. The competition will consist of an initial round from which the judges will select up to eight participants to compete in the final.

The winners for 2021/22 are as follows, first place Eleanor Fox, second place Corinne Novell and third place Tochi Ejimofo.

Student Law Journal

The Lincoln’s Inn Student Law Journal will be accepting entries for its third edition in  Michaelmas. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to add a publication to their CVs and pupillage applications.


  • Those submitting  entry must be a current student member of Lincoln’s Inn.
  • Submissions can either be legal essays/articles or legal case-notes.
  • The maximum word limit is 3000 words.
  • Only one essay entry per student.
  • Essays must be submitted in Microsoft Word document format.
  • All entries must conform to the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA).
  • Footnotes are required but bibliographies are not. Footnotes are included in the word count.


Call for papers: September
Deadline for submission: Monday 6 December
Selection & Results: February

Your submission can be on any legal area of interest. All entries will be reviewed by a panel of Benchers and barristers who will select the entries to be included in the journal. After selection, the journal will be published online with hard copies being stored in the Inn’s library. The panel will also select what, in its opinion, is the best entry which will be awarded the Lincoln’s Inn Law Journal Prize and will receive £100. Students who have an essay selected will be required to sign a plagiarism declaration before publication.

Essays written as part of a student’s degree may be submitted for selection providing:

  • The student declares that the essay has previously been submitted as part of a previous academic course in their email when they submit it to the Inn.
  • The essay is reworked as to make it currently relevant.
  • The essay has not been published anywhere.

Entries must be submitted to by the 10am on Monday 6 December 2021.

The winner for 2020/21 is Michael Brooks Reid.

Competition Dates & Entry


Ballot Entry or Selection Night

Date of Final

Crowther Shield Public Speaking Competition

Student members of the Inn.

Ballot opens on Thursday 15 December.

Thursday 2 February 2023.

Inter-Provider Mooting Competition

Current Bar student members.

  • London Bar Course Providers – the teams are selected at the Inn, at the final Mooting Club meeting.
  • Outside of London Bar Students – selection arranged by Student Representatives.

Saturday 22 April 2023.

Debating Shield Competition

Student members of the Inn.

Selection at the final Debating Club Workshop.


Sir Louis Gluckstein Advocacy Prize

Members of the Inn who are up to one year post-Call.

Ballot will open on Thursday 5 May 2023.

Saturday 17 June 2023.

Student Law Journal

Student members of the Inn.

  • Call for papers – September 2022.
  • Deadline for submission – 10am Tuesday 6 December 2022.