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Total amount available to be allocated: up to £65,000

The Inn offers Pupillage Grants to assist pupils during their pupillage year. These grants are means tested and are only available for Lincoln’s Inn Pupils.


Pupillage Grants are only available to members of Lincoln’s Inn. Pupils can only receive a maximum of one pupillage grant.

Grants are only available to those who have a combined chambers award/guaranteed earnings of under £25,000 for the year.

Pupils who feel they have exceptional circumstances may also apply but should be aware that those with significant resources are unlikely to receive a grant.

The Inn is unable to offer grants to pupils at AETOs that have been granted a minimum pupillage funding waiver by the BSB.

How to apply

To apply for a Pupillage Grant, pupils will need to submit an online application through the Inn’s Scholarships Application Portal.

You will need to provide confirmation of your Pupillage from your chambers/employer as part of your application.

There are no interviews for Pupillage Grants.

The value of each grant is calculated by a financial means test based on the pupil’s submitted information.

If you have any questions please visit our FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact the Scholarships Coordinator, Aisha Modeste-Simon below.

When to apply

From 2024, there will be two application windows for Pupillage Grants. Pupils can apply up to 3 months before their start date or at any time during their pupillage.


Application Window

Payment Month


January – February



July – August


Accommodation for Pupils

The Inn has one flat available for three pupils to live during their pupillage year. These rooms are not free. Applicants will need to demonstrate their need of a room along with how they plan to contribute to the Inn during their pupillage year. The accommodation is only available to Lincoln’s Inn Pupils.

Rental amounts for accommodation in 21 Old Buildings in 2024/25 are as follows:

The larger rooms on Floor 3 are charged at £8,564
The room on Floor 4 is charged at £8,150

Utility bills are included in the price above. Broadband is not. Pupils are usually also subject to Council Tax.

Tenancies commence in September and run until July, they are 11 months in duration.

Applications for 24/25 are now open, please apply using the link below

Other funding opportunities for Pupils

The below are not operated or managed by Lincoln’s Inn. Please contact the respective organisation for more information on these opportunities.

Bar Council Law Reform Essay Competition 

The Bar Council’s Law Reform Essay Competition is aimed at developing and fostering an interest in law reform. The competition invites entrants to submit a 3,000 word essay making the case for a reform to English, Welsh or European law.

ICLR Pupillage Award

The ICLR offer a pupillage award of up to £13,000 for pupils earning no more than £30,000 in their pupillage year.

The Kalisher Trust

The Kalisher Trust can facilitate opportunities for those who are intending to, or already practising at the Criminal Bar.


Hands of a pupil studying at a desk in Lincoln's Inn - laptop, books, notepad and pen and desk lamp

Pupillage Grant Application Form

You can apply for a Pupillage Grant through our Scholarship Application Portal. Please check your eligibility before applying.
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Pupils' Accommodation Application Form

The Inn has one flat available for three pupils to live during their pupillage year.