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Student Representation

There are a range of appointed representative roles available on the Lincoln’s Inn Students’ Association. All of these roles provide excellent opportunities for students to engage with life at the Inn and interact with all levels of membership.

Student members are encouraged to assist the Inn during their Bar Course by becoming a Student Representative for students at their Bar Course Provider.

Students can apply for as many positions as they like but they will usually be allocated one position if they are deemed suitable by our panel, although those selected as Bar Course Student Representative may also be considered for one of the LISA Committee roles.

Lincoln’s Inn Students’ Association (LISA) Committee

The Association aims to represent and promote the views and interests of our student members, encourage better links between all levels of the Inn’s membership. This includes the organisation of social activities for student membership and assisting the Inn’s provision of educational and social events. All student members of the Inn are automatically members of the Association unless they choose not to be (by informing the Education Department).

The Association is led by a Committee made up of an Executive, Student Representatives from each Bar Course Provider and the Debating and Mooting Club Secretaries. The Committee can be contacted via email.


Bar Course Student Representatives

The Inn relies upon the support of the student representatives at each of the Bar course providers, as they provide the link between the Inn and the student body. The representatives are encouraged to communicate to the Inn feedback from students on issues concerning their affiliation to the Inn, and other issues pertinent to their education and training for the Bar. Student representatives also sit on the Lincoln’s Inn Students’ Association and are expected to contribute to their meetings.


Mooting and Debating Club Secretaries

Two secretaries are appointed for each club to assist the Education Department and the club judges with the arrangements for Mooting or Debating Workshops and selection of teams for internal and external competitions. The club secretaries also sit on the Lincoln’s Inn Students’ Association and are expected to contribute to their meetings.

Due to the nature of the role, the secretaries must be students studying at one of the London Course Providers, as at least one secretary must attend each workshop at the Inn. Debating and mooting activities at Providers outside of London can be organised by the Student Representatives, who are welcome to liaise with the secretaries regarding local competition opportunities.


2023/2024 Student Representatives

We are pleased to announce our student representatives for the 2023/2024 academic year:

LISA Execuative Committee

Oliver Clement


Youssef El-Guindy


Mooting and Debating Secretaries

Ashley McClain

Debating Secretary

Cyrianne Michel-Doyen

Debating Secretary

Carolina Hughes

Mooting Secretary

Taha Almasri

Mooting Secretary

Bar Course Student Representatives

George Tomlinson

BPP Birmingham

Namratta Bye Becceea

BPP Bristol

Zaina Liaqat

BPP Leeds

Bibi Shazeea Aslim Choychoo

BPP London

Karen Yen Ling Wee

BPP Manchester

Jia Yi Chin

Cardiff University

Zaki Amjad

City, University of London

Lianna Fitzsimmons

Manchester Metropolitan University

Digna Kandrataviciute

Northumbria University

Courtney Delaney

Nottingham Trent University

Joseph Wilson

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy

Anza Mahmood

The University of the West of England

Georgia Pryer

University of Law, Bristol

Xin Yi Beh

University of Law, Leeds

Andreea Ion

University of Law, Liverpool

Enis Avdovic

University of Law, London

Michael Hand

University of Law, Manchester

Muhammad Raza Khan

University of Law, Newcastle

Eleanor Ford

University of Law, Birmingham

Edriz Llyas

University of Law, Nottingham