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Transitional Arrangements

Qualifying Session Framework

From the 2020-21 academic year, the Inns will be introducing a new Qualifying Session Framework which will affect the requirements for Call to the Bar. The new framework will affect students in different ways depending on their Bar Course start date, Call date and completed Qualifying Sessions. As a result, there are transitional arrangements in place for students who have already commenced the Bar Course and/or have undertaken Qualifying Sessions prior to 1 June 2020. Please refer to the tables under paragraph 39 of the Joint Inns’ Education and Qualification Rules for more detailed information on these changes and the transitional arrangements in place. An overview of the transitional arrangements can be found here.

Transferring Lawyers will also be affected. Those who joined the Inn prior to 1st September 2020 will retain the requirements allocated to them by the BSB. Transferring Lawyers who joined the Inn after 1st September 2020 will have the same requirements as students in Category C shown in the link above.