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Authorisation to Practise renewal – a word from Advocate

The last (but not least) page of practicing certificate renewals through MyBar encourages barristers to support the Bar’s charity by donating £35 to Advocate (formerly known as the Bar Pro Bono Unit).

All you need to do is not untick the box!

Last year there was an increase in the number of barristers who generously donated £30 to Advocate during this process, and we would love it if you could support us again at the new donation level of £35. Not many barristers realise that the contributions Advocate receives through this adds up to 40% of our funding.

Through Advocate in 2019, barristers appeared at all levels in the courts and tribunals, and advised in almost every area of law. Advocate also stands behind many of the on-the-day duty schemes through which barristers also appear pro bono. All this makes a life-changing difference to vulnerable users.

Last year, donations enabled us to recruit a Volunteer Manager who increased our number of reviewers by 31%, employ a full-time Fundraising Officer to explore new avenues for revenue raising and launch a new website that is much more user-friendly and informative. This year, please help us make our online application form and reviewer’s portal a reality, develop initiatives that will enable us to reach vulnerable applicants who are isolated by their location outside major cities and complete our case study project to get pro bono work recognised more widely in the media.

This opportunity to donate is kindly made available by the Bar Council and Bar Standards Board.