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Inside Debating at Lincoln’s Inn – a new short film

Lincoln’s Inn has released a new film that provides a comprehensive insight into the art of debating. The film is aimed at encouraging participation in the Inn’s Debating Club, whether as a debater or as a volunteer tutor.

The film is hosted by two prominent Debating Club lead tutors, Amy Proferes from Serle Court and Martin Nelson from the Government Legal Department. Together, they provide an in-depth and informative guide on what aspiring debaters can expect, and how participation in the Debating Club can enhance the future legal careers of Student members.

Lincoln’s Inn has always promoted the importance of debating as an invaluable experience for those pursuing a career in law and it is renowned for its vibrant Debating Club. The film underlines the role debating plays in preparing individuals for pupillage interviews and future appearances in court. It also highlights how participation in the Debating Club can open up unique networking opportunities with Benchers and Hall members of the Inn and others in the legal community.

The film is a great resource for anyone interested in understanding the world of debating. It covers topics such as argument construction, rebuttals, and the nuances of competitive debating, and the various internal and external debating competitions available to members. These competitions offer a platform to hone one’s debating prowess while competing at the highest level.

For student members or individuals looking to join the Debating Club at Lincoln’s Inn, more information can be found at on our Clubs and Competitions page. For Hall and Bench members wanting to find out more about volunteering, please see our Volunteering page.

With the release of this informative film, Lincoln’s Inn aims to inspire the next generation of legal professionals to engage in the art of debating, foster critical thinking, and build lasting connections within the legal community. You can watch the film here: