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The Black Barristers Network is in the process of launching its Mentoring Scheme for pupils.

The Black Barristers Network (BBN) is in the process of launching its Mentoring Scheme for pupils. If you are a junior barrister, under 7 years practice and of African/Caribbean ancestry, and are interested in mentoring the future of the Black Bar, the BBN would like to hear from you. Equally if you have just started or about to start pupillage and seek to be mentored they would also like to hear from you.

Please email [email protected] to register your interest.

Mentoring Scheme

The scheme is aimed at barristers of African/Caribbean ancestry under 7 years practice to provide mentoring to pupils of African/Caribbean ancestry. 

The purpose of the scheme is for junior barristers to provide pupil barristers with support, advice and guidance. It is a rewarding experience for both parties in which the mentor can assist the mentee in setting professional goals and provide assistance with practice development.  It is important that parties are aware that the mentor and mentee relationship is one where advice and guidance is given and mentors are expected to know their limitations in respect of the advice and guidance that they give.

  • The aim is for the mentoring scheme to run for 12 months.
  • The scheme is informal and the mentor and mentee will determine how their relationship will develop.
  • It is expected that the mentor will provide one to one support at a frequency that works for both parties. Currently, it is envisaged that this will be by email, telephone and/or video calls.
  • Whilst the scheme is informal, parties are reminded of the confidential nature of the discussions that they will have with each other and that details of their communications should not be disclosed to a third party.
  • Guidance on mentoring will be provided and, if requested; training can be arranged, subject to availability.
  • The BBN will gather feedback from mentors and mentees to help shape the scheme.