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The BSB recruits for its Independent Decision-Making Body (IDB)

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) seeks barristers and lay members for its Independent Decision-Making Body.

The Independent Decision-Making Body (IDB) is a non-executive body responsible for taking  regulatory decisions that require independent input, and has been operating since September 2019. It consists of a pool of suitably qualified decision makers from which panels of lay and barrister members are formed to take decisions on individual cases – panels of three are used for authorisations and five for disciplinary cases. Most of the decisions for which the IDB is responsible are in relation to whether disciplinary action should be taken where breaches of the professional obligations, as set out in the BSB Handbook, may have occurred. However, the IDB is also responsible for, amongst other things, taking decisions in relation to appeals against executive decisions not to grant waivers from the Handbook requirements or decisions not to authorise or license a body to provide legal services.

The work of an IDB member will include preparing for, chairing and/or attending panel meetings, attending training sessions as required and ensuring that they stay up to date with issues related to the regulation of the Bar.  They BSB is looking for at least three barrister and at least three lay members to join the IDB.

For more information please see the Bar Standards Board website.