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The Expert Witness Institute are looking for Barristers to join their panel of Examining Barristers

The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) will be launching their Expert Witness Certification later this year.

EWI Certification assesses all the core competencies required of an Expert Witness and recognises those who can demonstrate excellence in report writing, discussions between experts, and giving oral evidence in court. This will provide the judiciary and instructing parties with a method for identifying Expert Witnesses who have demonstrated their ability in practice for all the core competencies expected of an Expert Witness.

As part of the assessment, experts will be cross-examined by a barrister on a case using an Expert Witness report that the expert has submitted in support of their application. The 30-minute cross-examination will normally take place via Zoom and will be recorded. The barrister will be provided with a copy of report submitted and the competencies the assessor will be considering as part of the assessment. They will be asked to give the candidate opportunities to demonstrate these competencies within the cross-examination.

We are looking for people who would be willing to join our panel of Examining Barristers who can be called on to cross-examine experts who have applied for Certification.

The Institute’s membership consists of experts with a diverse range of expertise including medical, finance and accounting, business, construction and engineering, and forensic science. We are therefore looking for barristers from a range of backgrounds and practice.

We are looking for those that that have been called at least 4-5 years ago.

What’s in it for you?

As well as providing you with an opportunity to practice and develop your own advocacy skills, EWI will pay you £75 for each cross-examination undertaken.

Any barrister participating in the programme will receive a full briefing, so they understand how the cross-examination assessment fits into the full assessment.

To apply, please email a copy of your CV and a covering letter to [email protected]