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Ethics Workshop (Exercise Set 2)

The event has ended.
05:30 - 20:00

Students will discuss ethical scenarios in groups led by experienced practitioners and will aim to identify the core duties engaged within each scenario.

Speaker(s)/Tutor(s): Various

QS theme: Ethics, Standards and Values

Interactive?: Yes


Registration: 17:30

Start: 18:00

Finish: 20:00

Materials and Preparation:

Students will be sent three ethical scenarios to consider in advance. Students should think about what should be done in each scenario and identify the code duties that come into play. Students will be expected to take part in the discussion at the workshop. Students who have clearly not prepared will not be awarded a Qualifying Session.

Learning Outcomes:  At the end of this Qualifying Session students will be able to:

·         Recognise when core duties are engaged in specific ethical situations.

·         Identify the relevant sections of the Bar Code of Conduct applicable in specific ethical situations.

·         Formulate correct courses of action in dealing with ethical situations.

Professional Statement Reference: (Access the full Professional Statement for Barristers here)

1.1 : Uphold the reputation of the Bar and observe their duty to the court in the administration of justice.

1.16 : Comply with regulatory requirements set down by the Bar Standards Board, including the Code of Conduct.

2.1 : Act with the utmost integrity and independence at all times, in the interests of justice, representing clients with courage, perseverance and fearlessness.