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Lecture & Domus Dinner

The event has ended.

Lecture given by a single speaker or panel, followed by questions and Domus dinner (mixed seating plan with members of the Bench and Bar).

In order to book for qualifying sessions, please log in to the Online Booking System.

Members of the bench and bar should contact the Education Services Manager 


5.45pm Registration
6.00pm Lecture
6.45pm Reception
7.15pm Domus Dinner

Dress code:

Court appropriate dress. See further details.


Guests are not permitted on Domus nights.


Students: £15.00

Scholars: £5.00

Cancellation Policy:

If you wish to cancel notice must be given to the Education Department five working days before the event. Cancellations will be accepted by telephone on 020 7405 1393 or email via [email protected].

This event is a qualifying session.