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The experience of exclusion and dealing with it

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Ashworth Centre, Great Hall

A chaired panel discussion by barristers focusing on their lived experience of the way their protected characteristic have benefited and disadvantaged them in their education, professional lives or more widely. Lecture followed by questions and Domus dinner (mixed seating plan with members of the Bench and Bar).

Speaker: TBC

Themes:Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


5.45pm: Registration

6.00pm: Lecture

7:00pm: Reception

7.15pm: Domus Dinner

9.00-9.15pm: Event Ends

Materials and Preparation: No preparation required

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this Qualifying Session students will be able to:

·         Understand more deeply how protected characteristics impact an individual for good or bad.

·         Understanding the limits to one person’s own ability to really understand and empathise another’s lived experience.

·         Understand a range of possible ways to educate and inform oneself in relation to characteristics generally or an individual demonstrating respect and understanding.

Professional Statement Reference: (Access the full Professional Statement for Barristers here)

2.3 : Be aware and active in the pursuit of equality and respect for diversity, not tolerating unlawful discrimination, in themselves or others.

3.3 : Respond appropriately to those from diverse backgrounds and to the needs and sensitivities created by individual circumstances.

3.4 : Treat all people with respect and courtesy, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Dress: Dark lounge suits. Gowns provided. For more information about this dress code please visit the Student Members area.

Bookings: Please book via the Online Booking System.

Cancellation Policy: Students should consider all bookings a professional commitment and should only book onto an event if they fully plan on attending. Once booked on, students will be unable to cancel and receive a refund other than in exceptional circumstances.

This event is a Qualifying Session.