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Unconscious Bias (Online)

The event has ended.
Ashworth Centre, Lincoln's Inn

At this qualifying session, students will receive a lecture from one or two speakers focusing on different types of bias, understanding how bias impacts our own thinking and behaviours in different context and technics for addressing it.

Speakers:Brie Stevens-Hoare KC

Themes:Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


5.45pm: Registration

6.00 pm until 7.30pm

Materials and Preparation: No preparation required

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand and be able to recognise different types of unconscious bias that are relevant in professional & business life.
  • Understand the impact such bias can have on an individual’s decisions, actions and reactions.
  • Discuss and explore ways to challenge their own unconscious bias and that of others.

Professional Statement Reference: (Access the full Professional Statement for Barristers here)

2.3 : Be aware and active in the pursuit of equality and respect for diversity, not tolerating unlawful discrimination, in themselves or others.

3.3 : Respond appropriately to those from diverse backgrounds and to the needs and sensitivities created by individual circumstances.

3.4 : Treat all people with respect and courtesy, regardless of their background or circumstances.