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Officers of the Inn

Lord Briggs smiling, in front of library bookshelves.

The Rt Hon Lord Briggs of Westbourne


Bench date: 06/12/2001

Call date: 21/11/1978

Th Hon Sir Paul Morgan, in a blue suit and tie, in front of a grey backdrop

The Hon Sir Paul Morgan

Keeper of the Library

Bench date: 06/12/2001

Call date: 17/07/1975

Elspeth Talbot Rice KC, smiling, in black suit and top, in front of a grey backdrop

Mrs Elspeth Talbot Rice KC

Keeper of the Black Book & Dean of the Chapel

Bench date: 20/11/2012

Call date: 16/10/1990

Headshot of Michael Todd KC, hea wears a dark suit jacket, white shirt and red tie. He has thick grey hair and classes with a thin metal frame

Mr Michael Todd KC

Keeper of the Walks

Bench date: 14/11/2006

Call date: 28/07/1977

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