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The work of developing the Inn’s policy and monitoring implementation is carried out by the Inn’s committees.


Planning and Development Group (PADG)

PADG provide advice to Council to enable the development of medium to long term views and plans, for example concerning regulatory developments, COIC governance, educational needs, the Inn’s estate, charitable activities, resource management, general policy and support of the Inn’s members. The PADG may also provide recommendations to Council for approval and dissemination to the Inn’s Committees.

The PADG reports periodically to Council. The PADG may carry out such functions and recommend additional policies and procedures as may be appropriate in light of changing business, legislative, regulatory or other conditions. The PADG shall also carry out any other responsibilities and duties delegated to it by Council and, in discharging its role, may study or investigate any matters it deems appropriate, or which are referred to it by Council.

Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GP)   

F&GP Committee has responsibility for oversight of the Inn’s financial affairs and such of the Inn’s other affairs as are not ordinarily dealt with by Council, or are not the responsibility of some other committee, in particular with a view to ensuring the Inn’s short and long term viability.

Estates Committee    

The Estates Committee has overall responsibility for the management, maintenance and improvement of the estate, including the fabric of the tenanted and collegiate buildings and the Inn’s Bar, Commercial and Residential tenancies and the implementation of related funded projects.

Pre-Call Education Committee

The Pre-Call Education committee has responsibility for oversight of all matters pertaining to outreach, admission, education and training and Call to the Bar of students including liaison with universities, Qualifying Sessions, Student Activities, Admission and Call to the Bar.

Post-Call Education Committee

The Post-Call Education Committee has responsibility for oversight of all matters pertaining to the education and training of barrister members of the Inn including: Advocacy Training for Pupils and New Practitioners, Ethics Training for Pupils and New Practitioners, Practice Management Training for Pupils, Education & Training for Established Practitioners, Training and Grading of Advocacy Tutors, International Advocacy Training.

Audit and Risk Committee

Audit and Risk Committee has responsibility for monitoring the reliability and integrity of governance, risk and management controls within the Inn and reviewing the policies and procedures for reporting financial and other matters, including performance and risk management.

All Other Committees

  • Hospitality, Events and Dining Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Investments Committee
  • Staff Committee
  • Chapel Committee
  • Advisory (Benchers) Committee
  • Gardens Committee
  • Technology Programme Board
  • Scholarships Committee
  • Chattels Committee
  • Bar Representation Committee
  • Wine Committee