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Ad Eundem Membership

Barristers who are members of another Inn may join Lincoln’s Inn as an ad eundem member.

An application is considered at a meeting of Council, the Inn’s governing body. Council meetings generally take place once a month with the exception of August and September.

Application Process

Applications are submitted in the form of a Petition to Council (the application form is available to download from this page) and applicants are required to accompany their petition with a ‘Certificate of Good Standing’ from their current Inn of Court.

Please return your completed form to Registry, either by email or by post to: Registrar, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, The Treasury Office, London, WC2A 3TL.


The fee to join as an ad eundem member is payable once the petition is granted.



Under 5 years’ Call


Over 5 years’ Call