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Ad Eundem Membership

Barristers who are members of another Inn may join Lincoln’s Inn as an ad eundem member.

An application is sent to the Masters of the Bench and is considered at a meeting of Council, the Inn’s governing body. Council meetings generally take place once a month with the exception of August and September.

Application Process

Applications are submitted in the form of a Petition to Council (the application form is available to download from this page) and applicants are required to accompany their petition with a ‘Certificate of Good Standing’ from their current Inn of Court.

Please return your completed form to Registry, either by email or by post to: Registrar, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, The Treasury Office, London, WC2A 3TL.


The fee to join as an ad eundem member is payable once the petition is granted.



Under 5 years’ Call


Over 5 years’ Call