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Circuit Representation

When based geographically far, it is easy to feel isolated from life at the Inn. Traditionally most of the Inn’s services, facilities and the majority of our events have taken place in London. However, over the past year we have taken further steps to improve the accessibility of our provision for members, moving many Inn events and initiatives online during the pandemic.

We are keen to continue this hybrid offering of in-person and virtual events and continue to engage our members based further afield. However, we have also recognised that there is still much that could be done to enhance the Inn’s relationship with members on Circuit.

In 2019 the Treasurer appointed Masters and Representatives of the Circuits to enhance the visibility of the Inn on Circuit and allow barristers based outside of London to make the most of their membership with the Inn. The Masters and Representatives act as a line of communication between the Inn and members on Circuit. In addition, they inform, invent and introduce ways in which the Inn can increase engagement amongst members based outside of London.

Masters & Representatives of the Circuits:

North:                                      Mark Harper QC (Master) & Laura Gould (Representative)

North East:                            Nicholas Lumley QC (Master) & Christopher Wood (Representative)

Midlands:                               Neil Chawla (Master) & Stefan Fox (Representative)

Wales & Chester:                 Theo Huckle QC (Master) & Cerys Walters (Representative)

Western:                                His Honour Judge Cotter QC (Master) & Emma Southern (Representative)

Any upcoming Circuit events organised by the Masters and Representatives will be published on the What’s On section and communicated to those based on Circuit via email. We also have a dedicated booklet for members based outside of London, which can be accessed via this webpage. If you have any questions or suggestions for Circuit activities please contact your representatives above or email the Member Engagement Team.