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Pupil Training

*Delayed Pupillages – If your pupillage has been deferred or postponed due to the Covid19 situation, please contact Matt Nicholson at and fill in the following form: . This will assist the Inn in supporting your training and planning for future courses*


Once you have been offered a pupillage it is important that you register your pupillage with the Bar Standards Board, this will need to be signed by your Pupil Supervisor.

The forms can be downloaded from the Bar Standards Board’s website. You are not required to submit a copy of this form to Lincoln’s Inn unless you have a shortened pupillage. If you have any concerns or queries regarding your pupillage please contact Matthew Nicholson.

Pupils are required by the Bar Standards Board to satisfactorily complete a minimum of twelve hours of advocacy training within their first six months of pupillage. Lincoln’s Inn provides these courses but pupils outside of London and the South East Circuit are recommended to approach their circuit directly as training is offered by them as well. However, pupils on circuit are very welcome to attend the courses run by the Inn should they prefer.


The Courses

Practice Management

This course is designed to provide you with the skills to effectively manage your practice. As of 1st April 2019, this course is no longer compulsory. However, an optional course will be held on one evening at Lincoln’s Inn and will include the following topics:

  • Ethics
  • Tax and Accountancy
  • Well-being at the Bar

Pupils’ Advocacy Training

This course is run over a residential weekend at Highgate House in Northampton. Pupils arrive on the Friday evening and the course finishes on Sunday afternoon. This course includes one civil and one criminal case for all participants.  Pupils are able to select either civil or criminal law for a submission exercise, which includes producing a skeleton argument which must be submitted one week before the course begins.

Pupils are also required to attend a case analysis session in advance of the course. This is held during the evening at the Inn approximately ten days in advance of the course.

The teaching style used throughout the course is the Hampel Method, which pupils may be familiar with from the BPTC. The following is included during the weekend:

  • Witness handling
  • Narrative advocacy
  • Case theory
  • Video reviews of performances
  • Opening and closing speeches

Our training is provided by experienced barristers and members of the bench who have been trained in advocacy teaching.

Dates & Locations

Dates and Locations of the course can be found below.




Practice Management

To be confirmed


Lincoln’s Inn

Pupils’ Advocacy Course

20th – 22nd November 2020

Preliminary Case Analysis – Thurs. 12th Nov (evng.)

Highgate House, Northampton

5th – 7th February 2021

Preliminary Case Analysis – 27th January  (evng.)

Highgate House, Northampton

12th – 14th March 2021

Preliminary Case Analysis – 3rd March (evng.)

Highgate House, Northampton


The pupils’ training is free of charge and is offered to all Lincoln’s Inn members on a pupillage. If you are on a pupillage and have received a dispensation from the BSB and are not required to complete the pupils’ advocacy training you are able to attend the course by paying a fee. Please contact Matthew Nicholson for more information.

How to Apply

Once you have submitted a copy of your Pupillage Registration Form to the Bar Standards Board, Lincoln’s Inn will be informed once your pupillage is registered. You will receive an email allocating you to the each of the compulsory courses. The course you are booked onto is dependent on when your pupillage is registered with the BSB.