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Junior Members’ Committee

The Junior Members’ Committee, a sub-Committee of the Bar Representation Committee, represents all members of the Inn 7 years’ Call and below.

They organise a range of events and represent the views of junior members of the Inn within the Bar Representation Committee. They also work with the Inn’s Student Association and the Inter-Inn Young Bar Working Group to create events that are tailored to the needs and interests of junior members of the Inn.

To stay up-to-date with their events please follow our Facebook page or check the ‘What’s On’ section of the Inn’s website.

Who We Are

The Junior Members’ Committee is co-chaired by Ben Hamer and Hazel Jackson. The current members are: Rebecca Costello, Adam Kayani, Genevieve King, Max Myers, Rifat Rahman and Imogen Sadler.

Ben Hamer - Chair

Portrait photo of Ben Hamer

Ben Hamer (Tenant at 5RB Chambers).

Ben initiated the Inter-Inn Young Bar Working Group, which represents each of the Inns’ junior barristers.

Hazel Jackson - Chair

photo of Hazel Jackson

Hazel Jackson (Tenant at Henderson Chambers)

Rebecca Costello

photo of Rebecca Costello

Rebecca Costello (Pupil at Atlantic Chambers, Liverpool)

Adam Kayani

photo of Adam Kayani

Adam Kayani (Pupil at Harcourt Chambers)

Genevieve King

photo of Genevieve King

Genevieve King (Government Legal Department)

Max Myers

photo of Max Myers

Max Myers (Tenant at Selborne Chambers)

Imogen Sadler

photo of Imogen Sadler

Imogen Sadler (Government Legal Department)

Rifat Rahman

Rifat Rahman (Corporate and Commercial Law Associate at Mahbub & Company)

What they do

1.1.       They hold termly social gatherings for Junior members, usually in the MCR.

1.2.       The JMC set up a football team for Lincoln’s Inn. Two fixtures against Gray’s Inn have already been played and another is planned. While the team is open to all, so far (December 2019) only men have signed up. This is one of the reasons that the JMC is looking into starting similar schemes for tennis, netball and rounders. Maxwell Myers is taking the lead on tennis. Genevieve King is taking the lead on netball and rounders. A rounders game agains Gray’s Inn took place in June 2019.

1.3.       The JMC organise careers and professional development events for junior members.

1.4.       They organise a summer dinner for junior members in the Old Hall or Great Hall.

1.5.       The representatives of junior members groups from the four Inns meet regularly for an  Inter-Inn Young Bar Working Group meeting. The Working Group is organising quarterly inter-Inn drinks for junior members with the venue rotating between the Inns. The WG has agreed to work to set up further sports teams and is looking into an inter-Inn sports day.

Terms of Reference


to represent and promote the interests of the junior members of Hall (being those of 7 years’ call and below); to organise social and educational events for the junior members of Hall and to work and collaborate with the Membership & Education Department of the Inn and the Lincoln’s Inn Students Association.