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Social & Wellbeing Group

The Social & Wellbeing Group (SWG) was established at the beginning of 2017 by the Bar Representation Committee. The group organise social and wellbeing events and initiatives for members of the Inn. Some events are held in the form of lectures or discussions, others are more interactive.

The following two events are annual:

Gourmet Dinner

This annual event is the event for members of Hall and is a highlight of the social calendar in Michaelmas term. The Inn’s chefs take it very seriously and you can always expect superb food, fine wine, and an opportunity to dance the night away. The event is usually held in December and further information can be found in the What’s On section.

Quiz Night

Another annual event showing how much  fun you can have exercising your grey cells or showing off your knowledge of TV history or pop music in a team. A cash prize for the winning team and a bottle of champagne for the runner-up are to be won. The event is usually held in October and further information can be found in the What’s On section.

Future Events

The group are very keen to build on what has been achieved so far and to offer a programme of events, activities, and initiatives which will attract the whole spectrum of members of Hall, including those outside London. Social and wellbeing events for members are publicised in the Inn’s monthly Newsletter and in the What’s On section.


Ben Hamer

Media and communications barrister at 5RB. BRC member since 2018 (elected 2021-2024).

Ben represents Hall on the Staff Committee, Scholarships Committee and Post-Call Education Committee.

He co-chairs the Junior Members’ Committee, together with Hazel Jackson. He is also a member of the Social & Wellbeing Group.

Nadeem Holland

Self employed criminal barrister at The 36 Group.

BRC member since 2020 (elected 2020-2023).

Nadeem is a member of the Social Mobility Sub-committee and Social & Wellbeing Group.

He represents Hall on the Post-Call Education Committee.

Laureen Husain

Self employed criminal barrister at 187 Fleet Street.

BRC member since 1999 (last elected 2021-2024).

Laureen chairs the Social and Wellbeing Group, together with Linda Turnbull.

She represents Hall on the Staff Committee.

Emma Southern

Self-employed family barrister at 3PB.

BRC member since 2018 (elected 2022-2025).

Emma represents Hall on the Chapel and Hospitality, Events and Dining Committee. She is also the Representative for the Western Circuit and a member of the Social & Wellbeing Group. 

Linda Turnbull

Barrister at Goldsmith Chambers.

Linda co-chairs the Social & Wellbeing Group, together with Laureen Husain.

The Venerable Sheila Watson

Preacher at Lincoln’s Inn.

Sheila is a member of the Social & Wellbeing Group.

Julie Whitby

Barrister at 15 New Bridge Street.

Julie is a member of the Social & Wellbeing Group.