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Social & Wellbeing Group

The Social & Wellbeing Group (“SWG”) was established at the beginning of 2017 by the BRC. It is chaired by Linda Turnbull and Laureen Husain. Linda Turnbull was instrumental in collating information and submitting evidence which led to the Inn obtaining the Certificate of Recognition for Wellbeing at the Bar.

Certificate of Recognition for Wellbeing at the Bar

Going Forward

We are very keen to build on what we have achieved so far and to offer a programme of events, activities, and initiatives which will attract the whole spectrum of members of Hall, including those outside London. Our events are publicised in the Inn’s monthly Newsletter and under What’s On.

What we do

We organise events that cater for the wellbeing of barristers – some are held in the form of lectures or discussions, others are more hands-on.

Some examples:

  • An overview of what the Bar Council is doing in terms of mental wellbeing and what help is available through their web-portal, followed by some practical exercises.
  • In collaboration with the South Eastern Circuit, a very open discussion (Chatham Rule applied) by four judges on how they handled stress, followed by a powerful presentation by Lee Moore, an expert on post-traumatic stress.
  • How to sleep well: A workshop that was very ‘hands-on’ with yoga exercises and an introduction to the use of essential oils.
  • Tea-tasting with TeaPigs

Two events are annual:

Gourmet Dinner
This annual event is the event for members of Hall and is a highlight of the social calendar in Michaelmas term. The Inn’s chefs take it very seriously and you can always expect superb food, fine wine, and an opportunity to dance the night away.

Quiz Night
Another annual event showing how much  fun you can have exercising your grey cells or showing off your knowledge of TV history or pop music in a team. A cash prize for the winning team and a bottle of champagne for the runner-up are to be won.

Who we are

Laureen Husain and  Linda Turnbull chair this group.

Members are:
Ben Hamer
Amber Qureshi
Emma Southern
Julie Whitby
The Venerable Sheila Watson

Terms of Reference

Bar Representation Committee – Social Mobility Sub-Committee
Terms of reference

1. The sub-committee shall:
i. identify ways in which Hall members are able to make a greater contribution to social mobility (including but not limited to equality and diversity, inclusion and access) at the Bar; and
ii. consider the Inn’s existing and proposed activities and provision and advise the Chairman of the Bar Representation Committee (“BRC”) on such changes as might improve social mobility at the Bar.

Reporting Duty
2. The sub-committee shall report to the BRC.

3. The sub-committee shall have the following responsibilities:
i. Review of opportunities for members of Hall to contribute to social mobility at the Bar.
ii. Identify existing initiatives to improve social mobility in which Hall members may wish to become involved.
iii. Devise such new initiatives to improve social mobility at the Bar in which Hall members may wish to become involved.
iv. Make such recommendations to the BRC for the furtherance of the sub-committee’s functions.
v. Implement such initiatives as the BRC may from time to time direct.
vi. Advise the Chairman of the BRC on any changes to the Inn’s existing and proposed activities and provision as might improve social mobility at the Bar.

4. The sub-committee shall report not less than quarterly to the BRC.

5. The sub-committee shall have a chairman who shall be a member of the BRC appointed by the Chairman of the BRC.

6. The sub-committee shall comprise members of the Inn appointed by the Chairman of the BRC. The majority of the members of the sub-committee shall be members of Hall.

Frequency of meetings
7. The sub-committee shall meet as frequently as necessary. Meetings may be held in person or via remote communication (including telephone or email) at any time.

Change to these Terms of Reference
8. These Terms of Reference may be amended by the BRC.

Version 2: approved by BRC 20 November 2017