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Social Mobility Sub-Committee

The Bar Representation Committee (BRC) recognised well before the start of 2017 that there was an opportunity to do rather more in social mobility.  Following the creation of the Social Mobility Sub-Committee in early 2017, the BRC has had a focus for its energy and initiative in what we agree is a priority area.

The Sub-Committee has concentrated on the following areas:

  1. Collation and publication of Testimonials which may help to persuade students from non-traditional backgrounds that the Bar is open to everyone who is good enough.
  2. A mentoring scheme, in conjunction with the Social Mobility Foundation, aimed at assisting those at university to realise their potential.  This is now in its second year and the pool of mentors has doubled from nine to eighteen, currently mentoring nineteen students.

Going Forward

In addition to developing these two existing projects, the SC will be exploring possible new projects that it can pursue alone or with others at the Inn, and will be working closely with the membership and education department and possibly the Pre-call committee to see how it can assist and encourage social mobility.

Who we are

Chris Loweth and Laura Gould chair this Sub-Committee.

The Members are:

Amelia Highnam
Antonia Benfield
Brynmor Adams
Elizabeth Isaacs QC
His Honour Judge Afzal CBE
Hazel Jackson
Mark Herbert QC
Dr Miranda Brawn
Nadeem Holland
Rifat Rahman
Susanna McGibbon
Dr Tariq Mahmood

Terms of Reference

Bar Representation Committee – Social Mobility Sub-Committee
Terms of reference

1. The sub-committee shall:
i. identify ways in which Hall members are able to make a greater contribution to social mobility (including but not limited to equality and diversity, inclusion and access) at the Bar; and
ii. consider the Inn’s existing and proposed activities and provision and advise the Chair of the Bar Representation Committee (“BRC”) on such changes as might improve social mobility at the Bar.

Reporting duty
2. The sub-committee shall report to the BRC.

3. The sub-committee shall have the following responsibilities:
i. Review of opportunities for members of Hall to contribute to social mobility at the Bar.
ii. Identify existing initiatives to improve social mobility in which Hall members may wish to become involved.
iii. Devise such new initiatives to improve social mobility at the Bar in which Hall members may wish to become involved.
iv. Make such recommendations to the BRC for the furtherance of the sub-committee’s functions.
v. Implement such initiatives as the BRC may from time to time direct.
vi. Advise the Chair of the BRC on any changes to the Inn’s existing and proposed activities and provision as might improve social mobility at the Bar.

4. The sub-committee shall report not less than quarterly to the BRC.

5. The sub-committee shall have a chairman who shall be a member of the BRC appointed by the Chair of the BRC.

6. The sub-committee shall comprise members of the Inn appointed by the Chair of the BRC. The majority of the members of the sub-committee shall be members of Hall.

Frequency of meetings
7. The sub-committee shall meet as frequently as necessary. Meetings may be held in person or via remote communication (including telephone or email) at any time.

Change to these Terms of Reference
8. These Terms of Reference may be amended by the BRC.

Version 2: approved by BRC 20 November 2017